bateaux électriques

Bateaux électriques

Pour naviguer tout en douceur !

Bateaux électriques

Pour naviguer tout en douceur !

You do not need a licence to hire one of our 5-place electric boats! They are easy to operate and it will only take you a few minutes to master, if at all. You might say it’s like child’s play!

Please Note : For safety reasons, electric boats are now only available at La Cadeno leisure center.

Prices :

Electric boats: 5 people 40€ for 1 hour, 80€ for 2 hours

To protect you from the sun, we advise you to take the following items on your trip:

We do not take reservations. Maximum rental time = 2 hours

You will find your own peace haven as you navigate upstream along the two-kilometre authorised stretch of water into the Gorge. Since you will cruise along faster in an electric boat, you will get to see more during your trip!
If you prefer something more vigorous, then we also have pedalos and canoes/kayaks for hire.

La base nautique vous informe

La Base Nautique va ouvrir le 29 mars 2024 !

The Base Nautique will open on March 29 !